Monday, November 14, 2011

Dear Fourth Grade Teacher,

     I am so glad that you are my daughter's teacher this year.  Just knowing that you also had a sibling who was stillborn, helps me feel like someone understands her.  I know she often feels as if no one truly does.  That just because we never brought her brother home from the hospital doesn't mean she never had a brother at all.
     People are dismissive of our losses.  They don't understand that a stillborn baby is still a baby.  He was our baby.  Mine and Meadow's, Lennon's, Lee's, Jenna's, Lee IV's, Bella's, Alex's.  He was ours and people's ignorance will not take him away.  But knowing people like you acknowledge him, acknowledge Meadow's loss,  helps heal us a little at a time.
     I, too, feel like Meadow is an old soul.  Speaking with you today made me realize even more how much like her mother that child is.  It's not that I think I am wonderful, but I know she is and every time I learn something about her that other people find wonderful, I feel good about myself.  Maybe I am not so bad after all.  :)  Meadow has such understanding of what it means to be compassionate.  I think a lot of people could learn a thing or two from my amazing daughter.
     Thank you again, for being the perfect person to teach my daughter, and lead her in one of the most difficult years of her little life.


Meadow's Mom

PS I apologize for getting snot all over the place and blubbering onto your desk during what you probably thought would be a routine Parent-Teacher Conference.

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  1. I know that this is far from the point but Meadow is such a beautiful name.

    I'm glad that she has a teacher who understands the loss of her brother from such a unique perspective, of someone who has been there herself.

    I think the loss of a baby is so frequently dismissed, as though they were not real. I glad that this lady is there to acknowledge Holden for you, for Meadow and for your whole family. I wish that more people would.